Finding the Self and Soul Realisation

Who am I? How am I connected to God? Is there a God? What is the purpose of our human existence? How were we created? What happens when I die? What is the astral plane? What is dark energy? How can I find my inner voice?

These questions and many more roll around in our heads particularly in the more difficult times in our lives. We may find an answer going to a religious organisation or we may seek our own understanding through inner reflection and meditation. None of these questions are easy and there are many different answers.

Recently, a new gentleman, Michael Neil Fitzpatrick, joined the circle I attend. He seemed quiet and thoughtful and did not say too much. He listened and gave kind answers. I befriended him on Facebook and he started to send me blogs that he had been writing for many years. He had thousands of blogs already but I said I could read one or two a day. I’ve been reading them for a few weeks now and, to my astonishment, I have been finding the answers to the questions above.

What particularly sparked my interest was Michael’s blog on his Samadhi Experience, where for the first time, he connected with the Source of all things. Michael writes:

I started meditating back in 1975 after beginning recovery from a serious illness. I was looking for peace of mind and some serenity. I really took to meditation and quickly became very happy with this new daily discipline in my life. I felt a presence within and around me, this presence I saw as a Divine feeling of love and complete acceptance of who I was. I developed an irresistible urge for union with the SOURCE of all life, I wanted to be at one with it.

One night while meditating, I felt the need to say I want to be at one with you out loud with that my life changed forever in an instant, with that a loud inner voice said, “Then come my child”, with that I left my body and found myself looking with total clarity at my exposed brain, which was being washed over by waves of bright blue light, the voice said these waves of love are healing your damaged brain, it is being made whole again.

Come with me now the inner voice said, with that I shot out of the house and into space saw the Earth vanish in a blink of an eye light seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace, seemed almost stationary motionless in a blink all the stars were gone. Where is this place I thought, then I heard the voice say before this universe was born “I AM”! This was the VOIDLESS VOID that had me completely enfolded within its absolute bosom. NO_THING EXISTED there Motion was as yet UNBORN. Then the voice said behold motion is born, and I saw stars. and was then taken to the constellation of the Pleiades, the seven sisters, where I saw a bright blue CUP tilted over at an angle as though about to spill out its contents. This I understood to be a sign of the age of Aquarius and that wisdom would be pouring out into the cosmos and will eventually reach this planet Earth.

Then a mighty pull carried me back to the room in which I had been meditating in. My shirt was sodden wet through with the tears of deep emotional joy and total bliss, many hours had passed yet it seemed like just a moment. []

Michael shares his inspired thoughts in blogs most days and really does cover life, the universe and everything. None of the blogs are long but sometimes I have to read them several times to really understand what he is revealing. I never regret the effort. Often I find that Michael is explaining things that I have intrinsically known but not brought to the surface before. Other times, he reveals information that I would never have found any where else. I have also expanded my vocabulary with words such as theophanic, ipseity, noumenon and others.

If you are interested in spiritual knowledge, connecting with your inner voice and finding out who you are, I recommend exploring Michael’s blogs. Michael has two blogs: Finding the Self on and Soul Realisation on Both contain hundreds if not thousands of blogs with the intention of helping people to find out who they are by going inwards and seeking their inner voice.

Now, I’m off to do some meditation and silent reflection to find out who I am.

[A tip for reading Michael’s blogs on the phone: turn your phone landscape and the lines will fall correctly across the screen. No need to do this on a laptop!]


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