I have a sense of vertigo. The world doesn’t feel so solid any more.

I know that I am living in the eternal now. There is no past nor future only now. I am suspended in a mesh of energy that is projecting in my mind the physical world. It is an illusion that I have bought into for decades.

It is a magical illusion, wondrous in every respect. How intricately complicated is this energetic web. How many millions of years has it taken to create a world with the immense variety of plants and animals and insects and birds; rocks and trees; rivers and valleys; mountains and plains. All created for our pleasure so that we can learn and grow and develop into glorious aware selves in a paradise on Earth.

Sit back.Enjoy. Observe. See everything with a sense of humour. It has all been created for your benefit. Even the ugly and the difficult, the frustrating and annoying..and yes the pain and the suffering too.

Without the darkness we cannot be aware of the light. The darkness makes the light shine all the brighter, otherwise everything would be dull and lack sparkle. The more you recognise and become aware of the true reality of this unreal world, the more the suffering can be contained and the pain managed. For this is a world of joy, a world of senses and sensory experiences. Luxuriate in them. Now is a great opportunity to revel in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch of this physical world.

Do not spend all your time inside your head philosophising. Look up, look out, walk in and around your world. Enjoy the sensory illusions. Swim in the sea of energy held tightly in place like a mesh. You cannot fall. There is no where to fall to. Fear nothing as nothing can hurt your eternal soul, which is experiencing this magical world.

Rest in the arms of knowledge and self-awareness. Rest in the arms of divinity of which you are a part. Rest, enjoy and marvel at the greatest opportunities that life can bring: to be in nature and to be aware that it is perfectly created by God for you.

God so Loved the World that He Gave Us the Dog

The God who created the dog must have loved us indeed. No greater source of unconditional love is there than the love between a dog and its human.

Trust is unquestioning. Devotion is undeniable. Adoration is undoubtable.

A dog gives always and waits in hopeful anticipation of recognition from its human. When recognised, the love expressed is beyond the normal capacity of most humans. The love is exuberant, adoring and unlimited. Always unconditional. Love in the moment; real,unadulterated, perfect love.

Oh what we humans can learn if we just watch and observe! We are capable of this love for one another as well, but we hold back. We are reserved beyond measure.

When it comes to unconditional love, our dogs are the masters and we are the students.

God gave us the gift of the dog as a lesson in loving. Let us learn to give out that unconditional love that God intended, that in fact we, as a part of God, created for ourselves. Open your heart to unconditional love and experience the joy of living in the moment, just like your dog.

Watching the Sun Set

Watching the sun set over the Devon countryside with the sea beyond, reflecting the sun’s light, I have a sense of the wonder of God’s creation.

We are living in a world created for God’s pleasure and, as a part of God, it is for our pleasure too. How often do we overlook the beauty of the world around us?

I can hear young lambs crying for their mothers in the distance and the sound of birds singing farewell to the daylight hours. My dog lies resting at my feet after a long walk down towards the sea and back. We had a misty rain more suited to Scottish lochs, but that only heightened the beauty of the fields, hedgerows and trees in the valley below us.

All is peaceful, all is well. I feel cherished in the arms of divinity, floating in a wondrous sense of the moment. There is only now. The world is a majestic place. If we just look around us in a restful state, we can only feel love in our hearts. Nothing is more important than this sense of oneness with the world around us.

We have an incredible opportunity to live in this magical world that we have created for ourselves. We just need to open our eyes and really see that we are living in a beautiful playground, perfect and glorious in every way. Peaceful and loving and loved.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is generally considered to mean that beauty is subjective and what one person may find attractive another may dislike. Perhaps the meaning is subtly different from this superficial assessment of beauty. Whatever we see in one another is generally a reflection of ourselves. If we listen to a poem or piece of music and find it beautiful, it is resonating with the beauty within us. If we find someone charming and appealing it is often because they are demonstrating aspects of our character that we like and want to promote. If we find someone annoying and irritating then they are more than likely displaying parts of our personality that we would rather hide. Our annoyance and dislike are more focussed on our true selves than on the other person.

Carl Jung said “A man who is unconscious of himself acts in a blind, instinctive way, and is, in addition, followed by all the illusions that arise when he sees everything that he is not conscious of in himself coming to meet him from outside as projections from his neighbour.”

This is a similar idea to beauty is in the eye of the beholder: those things that irritate us, we feel bombarded by when meeting other people. Anger is in the eye of the beholder. They are reminders that this is how we ourselves are acting or capable of acting. As soon as we recognise this truth we can start to work on these negative aspects of our personality.

If we believe in the continuity of the human soul, life after death, and reincarnation, we know that we have eternity in which to progress. We do not need to beat ourselves up thinking that we need to change now or be damned for eternity. We can work on those aspects of ourselves that we choose to work on or we can work on none of them. It is our personal responsibility, our choice: we have free will. Neale Donald Walsh in his Conversations with God asked God as to why we would bother to do anything, why would we wish to develop in anyway given we are eternal beings. God’s answer was “There is nothing else to do”! Our S O L E purpose is to work on our SOULS.

But there is no hurry no pressure. We have eternity.

Although there is no pressure, we must ask ourselves why not change. Whilst we remain as we are we will continue suffering. Those irritating people will continue to irritate us as we are indeed ourselves irritating.

We must learn to reconcile ourselves with our own personalities. We must learn to understand our capacity for anger, for hatred, for dislike, for even violence and then make a conscience decision as to how we will act. In each situation we have a choice as to how we behave. Will we be defensive? Will we put blame on others? Will we react in a hostile way? Or will we respond with understanding and love: recognition that the other person is our brother or sister; all part of the same Divine Entity; but possibly an unenlightened part or unenlightened of their own behaviour and personality. That person does not recognise why they are reacting and behaving in a negative way. They do not know they are our brothers and sisters, that they are part of the great Oneness. We however can choose to respond with love, understanding and compassion.

Eckhart Tolle relates a story of a Zen Master who when accused of being the father of a new baby said “is that so”. When the parents told everyone want he had done. He said “is that so”. When they brought round the baby to him as they said it was his to look after. He said “is that so”. He lost his reputation and his career but his response was “is that so”. Eventually the mother of the baby confessed that he was not the father of her child. The parents went to see him and begged for his forgiveness and he responded “is that so”. By his inaction, his love, compassion and understanding the wrong was righted. He did nothing but waited patiently.

In some circumstances it is necessary to take action, for example, if you are mis-sold a car you may need to take someone to court, but we can still act in an understanding and compassionate way. We can recognise another part of ourself in the other person. We can show them the way and bring them to love, understanding and compassion by our reactions rather than showing anger, which will only fuel their negative emotions and prolong everyone’s suffering.

We have a choice. We have personal responsibility. We can work towards responding to situations with love, with compassion, with understanding. It may not be an easy path to tread but it is much more fulfilling to be filled with love than anger. If we tread this path than we will find that beauty is ours as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The Raindrop

I am a drop of water falling through the air
Shining, beautiful, perfect in every respect
I don’t know where I came from or where I am going
I am just aware of myself and my presence

I see other raindrops falling around me
All shining, all beautiful too
They appear different and separate to me
But they look the same

We are falling together through the sky
Some will land sooner than others
Some will become contaminated with pollution
Others will disperse and evaporate

But we are all falling, falling, falling
Where are we going?
Where have we come from?
What is this all about?

We are fragments of a whole
What that whole is, we have no knowledge
We cannot understand or comprehend
We are just aware of falling

As I fall, I look around me
I see the beauty of the sky and the clouds
I see the wonder of the land below me
I see the light shining within the other droplets

We fall into the sea and are all together
We were never separate at all
We are one together, united
Perfect and beautiful and whole again.

Finding the Self and Soul Realisation

Who am I? How am I connected to God? Is there a God? What is the purpose of our human existence? How were we created? What happens when I die? What is the astral plane? What is dark energy? How can I find my inner voice?

These questions and many more roll around in our heads particularly in the more difficult times in our lives. We may find an answer going to a religious organisation or we may seek our own understanding through inner reflection and meditation. None of these questions are easy and there are many different answers.

Recently, a new gentleman, Michael Neil Fitzpatrick, joined the circle I attend. He seemed quiet and thoughtful and did not say too much. He listened and gave kind answers. I befriended him on Facebook and he started to send me blogs that he had been writing for many years. He had thousands of blogs already but I said I could read one or two a day. I’ve been reading them for a few weeks now and, to my astonishment, I have been finding the answers to the questions above.

What particularly sparked my interest was Michael’s blog on his Samadhi Experience, where for the first time, he connected with the Source of all things. Michael writes:

I started meditating back in 1975 after beginning recovery from a serious illness. I was looking for peace of mind and some serenity. I really took to meditation and quickly became very happy with this new daily discipline in my life. I felt a presence within and around me, this presence I saw as a Divine feeling of love and complete acceptance of who I was. I developed an irresistible urge for union with the SOURCE of all life, I wanted to be at one with it.

One night while meditating, I felt the need to say I want to be at one with you out loud with that my life changed forever in an instant, with that a loud inner voice said, “Then come my child”, with that I left my body and found myself looking with total clarity at my exposed brain, which was being washed over by waves of bright blue light, the voice said these waves of love are healing your damaged brain, it is being made whole again.

Come with me now the inner voice said, with that I shot out of the house and into space saw the Earth vanish in a blink of an eye light seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace, seemed almost stationary motionless in a blink all the stars were gone. Where is this place I thought, then I heard the voice say before this universe was born “I AM”! This was the VOIDLESS VOID that had me completely enfolded within its absolute bosom. NO_THING EXISTED there Motion was as yet UNBORN. Then the voice said behold motion is born, and I saw stars. and was then taken to the constellation of the Pleiades, the seven sisters, where I saw a bright blue CUP tilted over at an angle as though about to spill out its contents. This I understood to be a sign of the age of Aquarius and that wisdom would be pouring out into the cosmos and will eventually reach this planet Earth.

Then a mighty pull carried me back to the room in which I had been meditating in. My shirt was sodden wet through with the tears of deep emotional joy and total bliss, many hours had passed yet it seemed like just a moment. []

Michael shares his inspired thoughts in blogs most days and really does cover life, the universe and everything. None of the blogs are long but sometimes I have to read them several times to really understand what he is revealing. I never regret the effort. Often I find that Michael is explaining things that I have intrinsically known but not brought to the surface before. Other times, he reveals information that I would never have found any where else. I have also expanded my vocabulary with words such as theophanic, ipseity, noumenon and others.

If you are interested in spiritual knowledge, connecting with your inner voice and finding out who you are, I recommend exploring Michael’s blogs. Michael has two blogs: Finding the Self on and Soul Realisation on Both contain hundreds if not thousands of blogs with the intention of helping people to find out who they are by going inwards and seeking their inner voice.

Now, I’m off to do some meditation and silent reflection to find out who I am.

[A tip for reading Michael’s blogs on the phone: turn your phone landscape and the lines will fall correctly across the screen. No need to do this on a laptop!]

Who am I?

I am a Divine Being of light and form
I am the sunshine and the laughter
I am the joy that sparks in your heart
I am everything you could ever wish for

I am love and I am happiness
I am peace and I am truth
I am the way and I am the light
I am who you are and who you want to be

I am hidden from view
I am unseen and unknown
I am infinite and I am perfect
I am yourself and I am others

I am waiting for you to see me
I am here always and forever
Look for me inside and I will be there
I am love, eternal love and I am you

Ask for me.

Change your Attitude

Change your attitude and you can change your life and come to know God.

If you look at the world and believe it is magical, it will be magical. If you look for love and compassion, it will be there. If you see everything as a wonderful opportunity then that is what you will find. Everything is as you choose it to be. Your thoughts create and by your actions you turn them into reality. So if you act with love and compassion so will you find the world loving and compassionate. If you see God in everything and everyone, in the whole of humanity and the whole of your world, then you will come to know that as true.

The steps to knowing may be long or short. You may leap ahead like jumping over stepping stones or you may find your road to be long and winding. You may even find a shortcut straight to knowing. It is as you choose.

The first step is understanding. Understanding that you are part of a world, which is a part of God. There is no disconnection between you, your world and God. You are all part of the same Divine Entity. You are one with the world and God. God is in you and with you and around you. Everything is God. Everything is love.

The second step is acting. To ease the path to believing you should act like everything is as you want it to be. So if you want a world filled with love, act with love, expect to find love, see love everywhere. If you want to know God in your life and in your world, act like God is everywhere and within you. See God in everything around you: in the birds, the trees, the flowers, the bees, your friends, strangers, the whole of humanity, the whole of the planet and the universe and beyond. See that God is everywhere: the good, the bad and the indifferent. All are part of God. See it and act like it is so.

The third step is believing. The more you act like something is as you understand it to be, then you will find yourself believing. You will see evidence of what you expect to find. Look and you shall see. Seek and you will find. Look for love and you will see it. Seek God and you will find God. You can then start to believe that God is everything; you are surrounded by love.

From believing it is a short step to the final destination of knowing. If you believe something to be true and you find evidence that it is so, then gradually you will begin to know the truth. You will open yourself up to the possibility. You will open yourself up to the existence of God and yourself as a part of God. Through meditation, you may walk through a door in your mind’s eye and find yourself transported into a wondrous experience and connection to God; a revelation that changes your world, that transports you into a state of knowing. For others, there may be no epiphany but a gradual progress through evidence that what you believe is true; like the drip of a tap gradually filling a basin until it overflows and you cannot deny what you have been shown.

From the first step of understanding that you are part of a divine entity that we call God, through acting this out, starting to believe, you can reach knowing. Knowing your place in a miraculous world filled with love encompassed by and re-united with God.

Change your attitude and you can transform your life and be re-united with God.

The Lawyer

I am meditating. I open a door in my mind and a lawyer steps in. He is standing between me and a golden light beyond the door. He rolls out reams and reams of paper with rules and regulations I need to follow to reach the golden light. I know he is an imposter, a figment of my imagination partly because he is wearing a Groucho Marx moustache and glasses. He is quite funny really. He is my brain standing in the way of my Higher Self creating a barrier, telling me it is difficult to pass through the doorway to my enlightenment.

I laugh and he starts to roll in the papers and begins to evaporate before my eyes. I know that there are no rules and regulations in the world of Spirit, there is only freedom. There is no lack or poverty, only abundance. There is no fear, only love. It is like coming home and indeed it is coming home to the source of everything: my home; your home; our home; the Home. The one place for all of us if we can just recognise these lawyer type figures for what they are, illusory barriers, and realise that we are all capable of this homecoming.

I feel like the Prodigal Son being welcomed by his father. I have been adrift in the material world. I have ignored my parent and not written or contacted them as I should have done. I have spent my time earning money and spending it on frivolous things. I have not helped others always when I should have done. Sometimes I have been mean, sometimes harsh with my words and deeds and not always truthful to myself and others. I have not recognised myself in others. I have lived a separate life, independent of others, responsible only for myself and those close to me. I have ignored the possibility of something greater. I have denied myself belief and faith; they were of little benefit in my material world.

But now I stand at the doorway tears in my eyes. I behold the wonder of everything. The beauty and completeness of all that I have missed. I recognise that it is no longer I nor them and us, but a unity that bears no separation. I can merge into this oneness by taking the step through the doorway into the golden light and feel myself embraced, encompassed in Divine Love. I can be part of the whole once more, no longer alone, no longer isolated and abandoned, but held in pure love, complete and at peace.


We are free to live our lives however we so choose. Yes there are rules that are imposed upon us, but we always have a choice as to whether to comply or not. If we don’t comply, we may face the consequences, but this is a choice we can make and we should make, if we believe it is right and for the best.

We have freedom of thought. Our thoughts can take us wherever we want to go. We know that our thoughts create, so if we think that our lives are positive and fulfilling, then that is what they will be.

Never let anyone else’s thoughts or perceptions govern your life. Choose to live it as you wish. Of course, do no harm, but otherwise you have the freedom to be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

If you are dissatisfied with your life, change it. Change may be difficult but it will be worth it. Living a life of sadness and worry does neither you nor anyone around you any good. So choose the best for yourself and that eventually will be the best for everyone else too.

Live your life in the moment. See yourself as a bird living on the wing. Flying through your life, following the breeze, using the currents to uplift you. Choose happiness over sadness. Choose love over hate. Choose freedom over imprisonment. Choose life.

You are here to enjoy your life so squeeze every last drop of happiness from each moment. You are free to do this, so use this freedom. Live your freedom.